Uzès, Horses, and other interesting stuff

For our summer holiday this year (in addition to walking the Camino), we hopped on the train and headed to France.  Anne recently decided to get a European drivers license, and that has created great new opportunities for seeing more out of the way places.  We decided to base ourselves in some nice town and... Continue Reading →

It lives!!!

Like a zombie that will not die, the blog comes back to life! Actually, Anne and the kids are at the beach on the Costa Brava, and I am here at home in Madrid with time on my hands, so I figure I need something to do.  Today (Wednesday) is a holiday in Spain.  Assumption... Continue Reading →

Trip to Argentina and Uruguay

To my legions of followers who have been anxiously awaiting the next post, here it is.  Actually, I wanted to send some pictures from our trip to Argentina and Uruguay to friends and family, but I was worried it would be too big for email.  I found out I was all out of space on... Continue Reading →

Christmas Blog

It's been months since my last blog.  In fact, I have not written anything since I got a job.  Interesting how my blog productivity is inversely related to my employment.  Or maybe not.  Anyway, I was prompted to make a post by something that has never happened before - someone is following my blog!  I... Continue Reading →

26 April 2014

Anne and the kids left on Friday morning so I'm back on my own in Madrid.  Rosie got a flamenco dance dress and matching shoes in her last week in Madrid.  I was greeted in the lobby of the hotel each of the last three days as I got home from work by Rosie in... Continue Reading →

Pictures from Semana Santa

My last post was all text.  That was because the little hotel that I wrote it in had a very poor internet connection.  Also, I had to sit in the hotel dinning room to connect to the wifi.  All this meant that it was much easier to type the post up on my balcony and... Continue Reading →

Semana Santa

A lot has happened since my last post. I’m now sitting on the terrace of our hotel room in Castell de Ferro looking out on the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of Spain. Before I get into my latest adventures, I should update you on a few items from my last. I finally have... Continue Reading →

Visitor From Sweden

It's Sunday afternoon, and my friend Håkan Bäverstrand from Sweden has just rushed off to the airport to get home to his wife, Maria, in Stockholm.  I worked with Håkan at KLM in 1995/96 in Amsterdam.  He's now country manager in Sweden for Lufthansa, the German airline.  He was working in Frankfurt last week and... Continue Reading →

The Picture on my Blog Page

So, you might be wondering why there's a picture of a coffee and a shot some yellow liquid on the top of my blog page.  No reason, really. You see, on Friday at work Gonzalo recommended some restaurants and other places to go to while I'm here in Madrid.  Unfortunately, Gonzalo's internet connection was down, so he... Continue Reading →

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